Algarvissimo: Aljezur // How to get there

How to get to Aljezur

By car from Spain and Faro airport

The nearest airport is in Faro, 120 kilometers from Aljezur. If you rent a car at the airport, you need to follow the signs to the A22, the highway coming from Andalucia/Spain and ending at Bensafrim just north of Lagos. Follow the signs for Portimao and Lagos and when on the A22, drive until the highway ends. This happens at the roundabout at Bensafrim. From there just follow the sign towards Aljezur.

By car from Lisbon

From Lisbon, there are two possibilities to drive down south and end up in Aljezur.

One is to take the A2 highway from Lisbon all the way down where it meets the A22 west of Faro in the Algarve. Then continue the A22 towards Lagos till the end and use the roundabout with direction Aljezur. This option is a costly one, the highway come with a toll.

The second possibility by car from Lisbon costs less when it comes to tolls and is time wise the same. But, much more scenery to inhale. Here we go: From Lisbon take the A2 highway south to Grandola where you get off the highway and drive towards Sines. You will not get into Grandola or Sines itself. After passing Sines and its oil refinery a small road turns right to Sao Torpes and Port Covo. That is where the scenery gets interesting and the camera gets in handy. Drive all the way down to Port Covo, a small coastal town, worth a stop and a stroll along the streets towards the waterfront. When finished and ready to drive on, leave Port Covo towards Vila Nova de Milfontes. (Leave the camera out of the bag, still some nice shots to be taken.) From there the N120 already has signs leading you to Lagos, Aljezur is on the way to it.

By bus from Spain

The international bus comes from Sevilla/Huelva, crossing the border and ends in Lagos. At the Lagos bus terminal you can either take the local EVA bus (takes about one hour/3 to 4€ and not going on Sundays/holidays) or take the Lagos – Lisbon Rede Expressos bus (1/2h and around 7€/ goes every day of the week) and hop off in Aljezur.

By bus from Lisbon

Take the Rede Expressos going to Lagos (4 to 5 hours/around 20€) and leave the bus in welcoming Aljezur.
Below are the links to time tables.

Rede Expressos Bus EVA Busses (Local)

By train

Aljezur does not have a train station. The nearest is in Lagos. From Spain is no direct line into the Algarve, the regional train starts at the Portuguese border town of Vila Real de San Antonio and ends in Lagos. From Lagos train station it is a 5 to 10 minute walk (probably depending on the size and heaviness of your luggage) across a small pedestrian bridge over the marinas waterway to the bus terminal.

From Lisbon you will have to change trains in the town Tunes (Algarve), then take the regional train to Lagos.

Trains in Portugal

If you don´t like any of the options above, there are always shuttle transfers and taxis.

Taxi Luis Aljezur Transfers