Algarvissimo: Aljezur // Shopping


Market Hall Aljezur

Even though it’s a small village, Aljezur has pretty much anything you’ll need.

If you like to keep your shopping in budget range, do it like the locals do. (sort of "when in Rome do as the Romans")

Start in Mini Preço, a small supermarket between Aljezurs roundabout and the church. It is hard to find but it has the best meat in town and also good quality for best price. Basically: Buy basics there like milk, bread, meat and beer and pay much less compared to the tourist rip-off supermarket called InterMarché.
Another plus in the summer. MiniPreço waiting at the check-out is about 2-5 minutes. At InterMarché you better take a book with you. (personal best on waiting time in IM to pay for my things: 55 minutes.

What you can't get at the first place, you will probably find in InterMarché. Always check the prices! There is a reason why we mention this!

Fish, of course, is a huge part of Portuguese life and in this region we have some of the best seafood in the country. The Mercado Municipal is your best spot for great fish (and also pretty much the most expencive in Portugal). It’s open weekdays from 8 to 2, but go around 10am for the best and freshest selection. Prices are high, but everything is of the highest quality. The women will clean, scale, gut and rinse everything for you at no extra cost. They’ll even tell you how to cook it.

You best bet for fruit and veggies is the Saturday morning farmers’ market. It’s at the Aljezur Multiuse Facility up the hill in the New Town (call us for directions). It’s a big ugly box of a building, but this is where the locals buy their food. Pretty much everything is local and seasonal. Many of the farmers don’t speak much English, but a bit of friendly smiling and pointing will get you by. The selection varies with the season, but if you buy what’s on offer you’ll eat great food for little money. Try to bring small notes or coins as change is sometimes hard to come by.

There’s also a Spar in the New Town. And on the main street of the Old Town there is a local mini-mart. They have a nice selection of wines, basic staples and a good selection of locally grown produce.

Aljezur also has a Chinese Shop (yes, that’s what it’s actually called) on the main road in town. They have everything from light bulbs to sandals to shampoo and beach towels. If you need it and don’t know where to get it, you’ll find it there.

This should cover most of what you’ll need. But, if not, give us a call and we’ll point you in the right direction.