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Terms and conditions for Holiday Property rentals

Terms and conditions for Holiday Property rentals

General rental conditions, year 2017

1. Rental confirmation

The rental confirmation confirms the rental agreement entered into between the tenant and the owner, with Algarvissimo Aljezur (hereinafter referred to as Algarvissimo) responsible for mediating between them. The rental agreement which is being entered into covers the stated holiday accommodation along with accompanying specifications.
Agreements between the tenant and Algarvissimo which amend modify or revoke these rental conditions must be drawn up in writing in order to be valid. Such amendments shall not render the other provisions in the rental conditions invalid - neither individually nor as a whole.

2. Parties/use

The holiday accommodation may not be occupied or used by more people than the number stated in the catalogue and the number stated on the rental confirmation, which also includes children.

Pets are only allowed if stated on the website and rental certificate. (See *A)

Gatherings/parties exceeding the number of occupants stated on the rental agreement must be agreed with the owner and/or Algarvissimo.

4. Check-in/Check-out

The Check-in time for the tenant is starting at 4pm.

The Check-out time for the tenant is before 11am.

Different Check-in and Check-out times can be agreed on in writing prior to the tenant’s arrival. Algarvissimo and the property owners are doing their best to accommodate the tenant’s needs, flight and travel times.

Meeting location for Check-in and Check-out shall be agreed on in writing prior to the tenant’s arrival.

All information about meeting location, Check-in and Check-out times will be sent again from Algarvissimo via email to the tenant one week prior to arrival for final confirmation.

3. Cleaning/liability

The tenant is contractually obliged to keep the premises in a tidy state and must surrender the premises in a tidy state at the end of the rental period. End cleaning is either included in the rental price or an additional end cleaning fee is charged (as stated on Algarvissimo website and reservation confirmation), the rented property must be left in a tidy state.

The tenant shall be responsible for everything contained in the holiday accommodation during the rental period. Should there be any damage the tenant is obliged to inform Algarvissimo and/or the owner about this immediately. Damage not reported before departure shall be repaired at the expense of the tenant. Damage which occurs during the rental period must be made good as soon as possible and must be replaced before departure. Algarvissimo does not take out insurance to cover the tenant's person and property during the rental period.

See also *B

4. Terms of payment

All rental rates and fees are stated in €/Euro.

On entering into the rental agreement, Algarvissimo will send the tenant a rental pre-reservation confirmation by email. At the same time 50% of the rent shall be payable as a reservation deposit. Due to Algarvissimos payment obligations to the owners, the 50% reservation deposit must be transferred until 2 days after the tenant receives the rental pre-reservation confirmation from Algarvissimo by email.

The tenant will inform Algarvissimo directly and immediately, either through the banks transfer email notification system or via email (including a copy of the transfer statement) of the transfer order. Algarvissimo will then automatically change the pre-reservation status to reserved. The tenant will receive the reservation confirmation from Algarvissimo via email during the following 24 hours.

The remaining 50% of the rental amount is due in cash at the moment of Check-in. (Tenants wishing not to travel with cash can arrange a bank transfer payment of the remaining 50% prior to arrival.)

In the event that the 50% reservation deposit amount is not paid/transferred on time (until 2 days after receiving the pre-reservation confirmation), Algarvissimo may cancel the pre-rental agreement without warning.

When rental agreements are entered into via the web page/online, the rental certificate shall be sent to the email address provided by the tenant at the time of booking

All prices are inclusive of electricity, heating, water and additional inventory etc. if not stated otherwise in the confirmation.

5. Property Deposit

Algarvissimo shall be entitled to charge a deposit (depending on property/owner) which shall be payable at Check-in (applying deposits will be stated on the website and in pre-reservation and reservation confirmations). The deposit which shall serve as security for the tenant's obligations shall be returned no later than 2 weeks after departure, once a check of the premises has been carried out to the agent’s satisfaction

6. Complaints

If, contrary to expectations, there are any complaints relating to the rented holiday accommodation, these must be reported in writing or in person to Algarvissimos local office no later than 24 hours after moving in. Complaints in connection with cleaning must be reported to Algarvissimos local office as soon as possible after moving in. Otherwise the tenant shall be held liable for any faults or defects cf. s. 3. s.

7. Cancellation

Cancellation of rental agreement:
Until 1 month before stay date
90% of your deposit is refundable if you cancel 1 month or more before your check in date.
Until 1 week before stay date
50% of your deposit is refundable if you cancel in between 1 month and 1 week before your check in date.
Less than 1 week before stay date
0% of your deposit is refundable if you cancel less than 1 week before your check in date

8. (not applied)

9. Force majeure

The rental agreement may be cancelled by Algarvissimo without warning due to force majeure, strikes and epidemics or the like.

10. (not applied)

11. Communication and marketing

The tenant's contact information is confidential and shall not be passed on to others. Algarvissimo may use your contact information for marketing relevant offers and information by e-mail.

You may at any time opt out of receiving information from Algarvissimo. In order to do this you should send an email to

12. Groups of young people

An minimum age of 23 years shall apply for groups of three persons and up. This shall not apply to young people on holiday with their parents or two young people wishing to rent a holiday home together. Inspections may be carried out.

13. Misprints

Reservations are made for any pictorial or typographic errors.

14. Legal Venue

The Legal Venue is the judicial district for the location of the holiday.
Guests wishing to take pets on holiday must abide by the following rules: Responsible pet owners are welcome and the following applies to all bookings: "Regret no pets" relates to properties where pets are not permitted, however there is no guarantee a pet has not entered the premises at any time and does not imply that the property is "Pet Free" such as a guide dog or one belonging to the Owner of the property. "Pets welcome" relates to properties which allow pets (at a standard extra cost). In properties which take "Pets by arrangement", one small well-behaved dog is usually permitted (at a standard extra cost), but must be checked with us prior to booking.

However young pets i.e. puppies MUST be declared to the Agency at the time of booking and authorised by the Owner. If a puppy or young pet is taken to a property without the consent of the Owner this could result in you being asked to leave without compensation. When booking online it is advised you check the acceptance of your pet by emailing or telephoning the Algarvissimo Reservations Department.

We ask dog owners to observe the following rules (failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave without compensation).
Dogs must be under strict control at all times while in the property
Any fouling of lawns etc. must be cleared up without delay.
The dog owner must bring the dog's bed or basket for sleeping in.
Dogs MUST NOT be left alone in the property or elsewhere at any time.
Dogs MUST NOT lie on beds or furnishings, and hair must be well cleared up before departing.
Dog owners must ensure that their pets are free from parasites and fleas before they occupy the property. Failure to do so will incur subsequent charges.
Each reservation including a dog or pet will be charged an additional €20.00 for end cleaning. However, any damage (which must be reported to the Owner and/or Algarvissimo immediately)

Algarvissimo and the Owners reserve the right to make a charge where guests have contravened an Owner’s request for their property to be smoke free.